Orissa Tribal and Temple

Orissa Tribal and Temple Travel Package

Duration: 16 Days 15 Nights

Description : Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Konark, Puri, Chilka Lake, Gopalpur on Sea, Taptpani, Rayagada and Vishakhapatnam

(Orissa has the third concentration of tribal in India and because of the remoteness of the area where they live; the tribes are untouched by modern times. Each has a distinct language and pattern of social and religious customs. Though economically challenged and a very low rate of literacy, the tribal groups have highly developed artistic skills as seen in their body paintings, ornaments, weaving and wall paintings).


Upon Arrival at Airport, You will be met by our Representative and Transferred to Hotel.
Rooms will be reserved from today to ensure immediate occupancy.
Check-in at the Hotel.
(KOLKATA: The City was founded 300 years ago out of 3 villages namely Sutanati, Gobindapur and Kolikata. Once the capital of British India, the capital of undevided Bengal and now the capital of West Bengal since Independence. Kolkata, on the east bank of river Hooghly, retains the aura of days long gone, weaving the past and the present, the intense and the fun loving.)
Afternoon: City sightseeing includes Jain Temples – these temples are the true picture of magnificient art & architecture of India. Victoria Memorial – a splendid monument in white Makrana marble. Built in Italian Renaissance cum Saracenic style, Victoria Memorial was planned by Lord Curzon and opened by the Prince of Wales in 1921 is dedicated to Queen Victoria and houses a fantastic collection of rare memorabilia from Colonial days. Drive past Howrah Bridge, Dalhousie Square, Fort Willams, Secretariat Building and Old Court House Street.

Overnight stay at the Hotel in Kolkata.


Breakfast at the Hotel.
Transfer to Airport for flight to Bhubaneswar (Orissa).
(Bhubaneswar is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Orissa, and is famous as the temple city of India. Travelling through the state of Orissa is a blend of art, architecture and ancient cultures.)
After Arrival, you will be greeted and transferred to your Hotel by our Executive.
Afternoon: City sightseeing visiting the stunning Temples clustered around the Bindusagar Tank. Of the original 7000 only 500 remain dating from the 7th century to the 11th century. Of these the most outstanding is the 11th century Lingaraja Temple which represents the peak of Orissa art and the late 10th century beautifully decorated Muktesvara Temple which belongs to the end of the phase of temple building. Outside the city limits are the Udayagiri and Khandgiri caves which date from the 2nd century, during the time of Jain and Buddhist occupation of this region.
Overnight stay at the Hotel in Bhubaneswar.

DAY 03: BHUBANESWAR – KONARK (75Km – 02 Hrs)

Breakfast at the Hotel.
Drive to Konark. En route visit Dhauli, where the Kalinga warlord Ashoka renounced warfare and embraced the teachings of Buddha. Visit includes the Peace Pagoda and two ancient rock edicts. Moving onwards, visit colorful village of Pipili to see the Orissan Handicrafts.
After Arrival, Check-in at the Hotel.
Evening: Witness the Dance Festival (mostly in January) held in the background of Sun Temple.
Overnight stay at the Hotel in Konark.

DAY 04: KONARK – PURI (35 Km – 01 Hr)

Breakfast at the Hotel.
Visit the Sun Temple built by King Langula Narasimha Deva in 13th Century.
Every day the Sun God rises from the lap of the blue ocean close by and casts his great gentle rays on the sanctum Sanctorum and then circles the temple during the course of the day, illuminating the three magnificent images of the morning sun, the mid-day sun and the setting sun.
Proceed onwards to Puri – one of the four holy abodes in India.
After Arrival, check-in at the Hotel.
Rest of the Day FREE on Beach.
Overnight stay at the Beach Hotel in Puri.


Breakfast at the Hotel.
Morning: sightseeing viewing Sri Jagannath Puri Temple (Shree Jagannath Puri temple, one of the most impressing monuments of the Indian State Orissa. This astounding Vaishnava temple enshrines Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Balabhadra. The main temple of Jagannath is an impressing and amazing structure constructed in Kalinga architecture, with a height of 65 meters placed on an elevated platform.
Afternoon: Free on the Beach.
Overnight stay at the Beach Hotel in Puri.


Breakfast at the Hotel.
Today is crafts day and we spend the morning at the artisan village Raghurajpur near Puri which specializes in pattrachitrs – an art using vivid colours painted on palm leaves. You will also see the ancient art of palm leaf etching which, in the 16th century, we used to illustrate manuscripts. It was this technique, which helped shape the Oriya script to its present rounded form. In the afternoon we will visit the community at Belakati, which specializes in work with bell metal.

Late Afternoon: Return to Hotel in Puri.
Rest of the Day free on Beach.
Overnight stay at the Beach Hotel in Puri.


Breakfast at the Hotel.
The drive to Chilka Lake takes us through scenic countryside and attractive villages. Chilka lies in the heart of coastal Orissa. Spread over 1,100 sq km, this is the country’s largest lake. It is dotted with islands, has the richest variety of aquatic life, and is a bird watcher’s paradise when migratory birds arrive in winter. Sunset and sunrise are memorable experiences here.
After Arrival, Check-in at the Hotel.
Rest of the Day FREE viewing Birds and walking on the Bank of Lake.
Overnight stay at the Hotel in Chilka Lake.


Early Morning: Visit the lake to view the avian life and Kalijai Temple, abode of the presiding deity of the lake, located on the tiny island. In the winter the lake attracts migratory bird from Iran, Central Asia and Siberia.
Return to Hotel for Breakfast.
After breakfast we will drive to Gopalpur on Sea, an ancient seaport not often visited by tourists. Sand dunes, groves of coconut palm and casuarinas separate the small town from the beach. We will sleep tonight at the hotel, our last night of luxury before embarking on the rugged journey through the tribal areas.
Overnight stay the Hotel in Gopalpur on Sea.


Breakfast at the Hotel.
Morning FREE to enjoy the Beach.
Afternoon: Drive to Tapatapani.
After Arrival, Check-in at the Hotel.
Afternoon: Visit the Village and the small hot springs in this peace. Water from the very hot sulphur springs discovered here in a forest setting, is channelled to a pool for bathing. There is a shrine of goddess Kandhi inside the original pool, which is believed to cure infertility. visit Chandragiri, 36 km away, where a community of Tibetan refugees support themselves by weaving carpets.
Overnight stay at the Hotel in Taptapani

DAY 10: TAPTAPANI – RAYAGADA (220Km – 08Hrs)

Breakfast at the Hotel.
(During the next six days we will be visiting some of these tribal settlements).
On the 220 km drive today we will stop at the villages of the Saoras, a major tribe who live in hilly areas. In contrast to other tribes who live in clans, the Saoras live in extended families descended from a common ancestor. The village is administered by a headman who is assisted by a religious leader and village shamans, or medicine men, who are able to communicate with deceased ancestors. The walls of the mud houses are decorated with remarkable paintings, traditional designs. Monday is the market day for this tribe so we will have time to wander the tribal market.
Overnight stay at the Guest House in Rayagada.


Breakfast at the Guest House.
The excursion today takes us to the Kothgarh tribal area (180 km). The most numerous, speak Kuvi, a language derived from the Dravidian strain of Southern India. Human sacrifice has now been replaced with animal sacrifice, offering the blood to their supreme goddess represented by a piece of wood or stone to ensure fertility of the soil. The members of this tribe still use bows and arrows to protect themselves from wild animals. Tuesday is the market day. Return to Rayagada.
Overnight stay at the Guest House in Rayagada.

DAY 12: RAYAGADA – JEYPORE (250Km 8 Hrs)

Breakfast at the Guest House.
In this long Drive to Jeypore, your will pass through Chationa and visit Dongariya Kondh Villages.
Overnight stay at the Guest House in JEPORE.


Breakfast at the Guest House.
The area we visit today is the home of the approximately 6000 members of the fierce Bondas (naked people) of Tibetan-Burmese origin. They live in the remote hills and keep themselves isolated. They grow rice by shifting cultivation and keep domesticated cows and goats. They can only be seen when they come to trade at the local market, and we must timed our visit to coincide with the weekly market day on Thursday. The Bonda women are noticeable by their bead necklaces, striking brass and silver necklets and their shaved heads decorated with plaits of Palmyra leaves. We will also visit the colourful Godabas, A munda tribe who speak in the Austro Asiatic dialect. Visit Gadhaba villages.
Return to Jeyore.
Overnight stay at the Guest House in JEPORE.


Breakfast at the Guest House.
A day excursion today to Gupteswar (140 km) to visit the caves, which was believed to have been the refuge for Ram during his days of exile and the place he worshiped Shiva. On the way we will visit a few Dhuruba villages.
Return to Jeyore.
Overnight stay at the Guest House in JEPORE.


Breakfast at the Guest House.
Leave for Vishakapatnam and return to the modern civilization.
After Arrival, Check-in at the Hotel.
Rest of the Day FREE.
Overnight stay at the Hotel in VIZAG.


Breakfast at the Hotel.
Stroll through the Beach and then Local Bazaar and visit Kailash Temple.
Transfer to Airport to Leave for Kolkata or Mumbai
Take an International flight back Home with sweet memories.